Gator Gears

Gator Gears
Welcome to Gator Gears, UF’s student bicycle rental program! Gator Gears is designed to offer students a convenient full-service cycling experience at an affordable price. Our custom-made, high-quality bicycles are available for rental in one-semester, two-semester or annual increments.

Email us at if you have any questions or need additional information that's not contained in this page.

Gator Gears is currently sold out of all bicycles for Fall 2020. Please check back near the end of the Fall semester for info on Spring 2021 rentals.

Gator Gears Bikes

How It Works

Students will be able to sign up for Gator Gears through our online rental application during sales periods or by visiting either the Transportation and Parking Services table or the Office of Sustainability table at Gator One Central during Fall Preview sessions. Participants will receive their new Gator Gears bicycle, a free bike helmet, a combination U-lock and free labor on repairs for the duration of the rental period.

Gator Gears Bike

Our Bicycles

Gator Gears bicycles are custom-made, high-quality 3-speed cruiser models and come outfitted with front and rear fenders, a front basket and a rear rack. The bicycles are available in multiple sizes and are assigned to participants by inseam measurement to provide the most comfortable riding experience possible. All Gator Gears bikes are issued with a combination U-lock and a free helmet (locks must be returned, helmets are yours to keep).

Rental prices:

  • Any one semester (Fall, Spring or Summer): $40
  • Any two semesters (Fall-Spring or Spring-Summer): $70*
  • Annual rental (full academic year, Fall-Summer): $100*

* Multi-semester rental discounts may only be applied during the initial rental. If a customer rents a bike for one semester and then extends the rental at the end of that semester, the new semester will be charged at full price.

All program fees will be charged to the participant’s student account and are non-refundable once the bike has been picked up and the rental period begins.

For a full list of the program’s rules and regulations, please visit

GG Bike Repairs

Free Repairs

Participants will receive free labor on all repairs by our trained staff mechanics (participants will only be responsible for the cost of parts). Repairs are conducted on an appointment basis using a mobile repair station which can meet the participant at any location on campus for additional convenience. For more information or to schedule your repair appointment, please visit

How To Receive Your Bicycle

Gator Gears participants will be contacted via email before the beginning of their rental semester with information on when and where to pick up their bicycles.

Additional Questions/Contact Us

Gator Gears is a joint program effort between the UF Office of Sustainability, UF Transportation and Parking Services and your Student Traffic Court. For additional information, please email us at